US Patent 8,484,926
Flexible Extruded PVC Screening Extrusions

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Please read and understand prior to placing your order. By placing an order with us you are entering into a purchase agreement and are accepting and agreeing to be bound by these Policies, Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these Policies, Terms and Conditions, in their entirety without stipulation, condition or modification, please do not order from us.

Customer specifically acknowledges and agrees, that by placing an order with us, our Policies, Terms and Conditions, in their entirety and without without stipulation, condition or modification, shall be the only terms, conditions, and policies binding upon said placed order. Submission of Purchase Order, or acceptance of customer Purchase Order, is not and shall not be an acceptance by AMAC Enterprises, LLC of any Customer Terms and Conditions attached to said Purchase Order.  Unless specifically agreed to by AMAC Enterprises, LLC , in writing and prior to order placement,  any and all customer supplied terms, conditions, stipulations, etc. are unacceptable and rejected by AMAC Enterprises, LLC  in their entirety and in all situations and events.


Safety Warning: Insect screen and sunshading materials only intended use is to reasonably stop insects from entering a covered opening.  The misuse of insect screen and sunshading materials may lead to injury or death. These items will not stop persons, children, animals, or alike from falling out of or entering through the insect screen or sunshading material covered opening. 

Building & Safety Codes: We make no promise, warranty, guarantee, nor do we - in any form or fashion - represent that our products are acceptable, approved and/or usable in all jurisdictions or all situations or applications.The responsibility to determine code compliancy, proper and safe application, installation and use rests solely and fully on customer.

General Information: We make no guarantee, warrantee or promise of any kind that our products will work in every possible application. Please read, understand and fully plan for all projects.

Returns: Except for defects, our low pricing does not allow for product returns. All sales are final. If you desire the ability to potentially return products, you may order directly from the manufacturer who accepts returns. ( -or-

Order Placement: We only accept retail orders through our web shopping cart only. Phone, mail or fax orders are not accepted.

Pricing: Prices do not include shipping, packing, handling, or other charges which may be applicable.  All prices shown are in United States dollars.

Price Changes: All prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment & Terms: All orders are to be paid in full prior to or at the time of shipment. Major Credit Cards are accepted. Overseas customers may pay by Credit Card or Bank T/T.

Screen Material: Full rolls of screen material are almost always as stated - 100 foot continuous running length of  product. Rolls may, at times, contain 2 or more sections of material totaling over 100'. This splicing occurs during the manufacturing process which we have no control over nor are we aware of which rolls are continuous or spliced. Spliced rolls are not defective and cannot be returned as a “defective” item.

Refusal or Cancellation of Order by AMAC Enterprises, LLC: We reserves the right to cancel or reject any order placed for any reason what so ever and at anytime.  

Cancellation of Order by Customer: Customer may cancel their order anytime prior to shipping. Once your order leaves our dock it is not returnable unless defective.

Lead Time: Our standard time to ship time is 48 hours (2 business days) but this is in no way a guaranteed schedule. ALL ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO PRIOR PLACED ORDERS. We attempt to ship all orders complete. At times, and based solely on your placed order, we may ship partial orders and use multiple delivery methods and ship from different warehouses.

Back Orders: Back orders may occur at anytime and for a variety of reasons. We will not contact you with regards to back orders unless we are aware of an extended or unusually long restocking schedule.

Minimum Charges: None

Shipping Charges: Shipping charges are an additional cost and will be added to all orders. Shipping charges detailed in our web store are estimates based upon weight - not size.

Packing Charge: Packing is an additional cost and will be added to all orders. Our packaging charge is $5.00 per package / box.

Insurance Charge: Insurance is obtained on all orders and is added to your shipping charge.

Damaged or Lost Products: Be sure to inspect your order fully upon presentation by the shipper for damage or shortage prior to accepting delivery. If an order arrives damaged or short be sure to document the damage or shortage on all delivery papers while the driver is still present. If you find concealed damage after delivery, notify the SHIPPER immediately. If you need to file a claim for damage or shortage with the shipper please do so as fast as possible.  We will be happy to provide additional help, documentation, etc. for your dealings with the shipper.

Damaged Product Replacement: We will not ship any replacement products without full payment. Reimbursements for damaged materials are to be paid to customer by the shipping company and not AMAC Enterprises, LLC .

Damaged Product Refund: Reimbursements for damaged materials are to be paid to customer by the shipping company and not AMAC Enterprises, LLC .

Lost Product Replacement: We will not ship any replacement products without full payment. Reimbursements for lost materials are to be paid to customer by the shipping company and not AMAC Enterprises, LLC .

Lost Product Refund: We do not issue refunds for lost shipments. Refunds for lost materials are to be paid to customer by the shipping company and not AMAC Enterprises, LLC .

Customer Privacy: Information gathered by us during the order process is used exclusively by our firm to fill your order and to track sales trends. We do not sell, trade, or in any other fashion share customer information with any other business, solicitor, etc. Credit card information is held as long as required to complete your transaction.You will need to resubmit your credit information each time you place an order. Your email address is used as required to fulfil your order or answer your question. Most correspondence is by email. Hard copy transaction files are destroyed after 5 years while electronic master files are held indefinitely for warranty purposes. Hard copy quotation files are destroyed after 60 days while electronic master files are held indefinitely.

Liability & Responsibility: Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless AMAC Enterprises, LLC and its employees from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, costs, expenses, and attorneys fees arising out of or in connection with any and all injury, including death, to any person or persons, any and all damages to or loss of any property, and any and all other damages recognized at law or in equity, caused by or resulting from in whole or in part, any act(s) or omissions, negligent or otherwise, of customer. Customer shall take no court action against AMAC Enterprises, LLC or its employees, should customer fail to follow common safety practices.  

Collections / Delinquency: AMAC Enterprises, LLC  shall, at our sole discretion and without warning to customer, initiate collection action at customers expense to collect on delinquent accounts or non paid sales. Returned checks, non-honored checks, unapproved or refused credit cards, successful chargeback actions and any and all, fees, fines and additional collection costs incurred by AMAC Enterprises, LLC are the sole responsibility of customer and customer agrees to pay these debits in full. In the event that your credit card or check payment is not honored by your issuing bank - for any reason - we will contact you for immediate payment. If you fail or refuse to pay any outstanding amounts owed to AMAC Enterprises, LLC we will initiate collection action without any notice to you. In the event that you refuse the delivery of an order (for any reason other than damage) you will be held responsible for all additional shipping, handling, and storage expenses. If you file a chargeback claim through your credit card issuer after refusing the delivery of an order (for any reason other than damage), we will initiate collection action without any notice to you. Customer agrees, in all cases, to pay all costs, interest charges as well as any and all reasonable costs associated with collection efforts by AMAC Enterprises, LLC. Interest shall be charged at the maximum amount allowed by law on any outstanding balance. AMAC Enterprises, LLC reports credit activity to credit recording firms through our collection agency.

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